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Acquire a precise understanding of our Client's operation from the standpoint of the vacant position in terms of its purpose, scope, accountabilities and work relationships. The Client must have a Job Description that includes job duties, what skill sets are required, preferred personality type and what salary, benefits, bonus programs and relocation package (if required) are offered.

  •  A Job Description is obtained and developed to our Client's individual requirements.
  • Conduct a comprehensive search for the most appropriate Candidates.
  • All Applicants submitted are pre-screened based on the Job Order information.
  • Present Client Representatives with the resumes of Candidates best suited for the requirements of the position.
  • Review and evaluate each Candidate with the Client Representative.
  • Arrange, schedule and confirm interviews.
  • Where requested, conduct reference checks of the top one or two Candidates chosen by the Client verifying past       employment record and performance information.        
  • Where requested, present and review employment offer with the successful Candidate and confirm acceptance of staring salary.                           
  • Follow up with the Client and Candidate to ensure their satisfaction with the Trans-United Search Program.