Trans-United Consultants Ltd.



  • Trans-United Consultants becomes your Partner in the recruitment of Skilled Trades, Technical, Engineering and Plant Management personnel. We are committed to developing and fostering long term relationships with our valued Clients.

  • Trans-United Consultants works on contingency. Should an appropriate Candidate not be recruited, there is NO CHARGE for our services.

  • Each permanent placement comes with a guarantee to replace a Candidate or issue a fee credit to be applied against a future placement.

  • Trans-United completes the time consuming pre-qualification process and pre-screens for salary, commuting distance, relocation, work experience and education to allow your Human Resource or Technical personnel more time for their other, important job duties. Only qualified Candidates are presented for your review.

  • The Client incurs NO CHARGE for advertising. Using Trans-United can save your Company tens of thousands of dollars in print and electronic media costs.

  • A newspaper ad works only for the day(s) it appears in the newspaper. To reinsert your ad costs your company the same amount of money again with NO guarantee of results. Your ideal Candidate may not read the paper that day. Passive candidates are not surfing websites.

  • The Trans-United Consultant is dedicated to work on your job vacancy every day until the position is filled.

  • Trans-United Consultants maintains it's own extensive computerized database of over 100,000 technical personnel.

  • Upon request, Trans-United Consultants will check and verify work references.

  • Hiring a worker is a big decision for any company in terms of money, time and training. For this reason, Trans-United offers a program that enables Clients to hire a referred Candidate as a direct Sub Contractor or place a referred Candidate on their employee payroll. Conversely, Clients may transfer the Sub Contractor or temporary employee to permanent staff at anytime. The fees paid to date to Trans-United Consultants during the employment period are deducted from the permanent placement fee. The time worked before transfer to client permanent staff acts as the candidate guarantee.
If the referred candidate is hired on a project basis, pay only until the project is finished.
  • The Consultant at Trans-United can negotiate salary and benefits or present and review an employment offer to a Candidate; therefore, acting as a critical buffer between Client and Candidate to maximize potential acceptance of a job offer.

  • It is to the Client's strategic time and cost advantage to use the recruitment and placement services of Trans-United Consultants.

  • Where possible, consultants will visit a Client to better understand Client products and services, workplace culture and the factory floor.

Contact Rob Fratric, Co-Owner, Partner, to discuss your job vacancy.

Office: 905-632-7176 ext. 215

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