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Trans-United Consultants is committed to compliance with the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation, in effect as of July 1st, 2014 and its relevant rules and regulations hereinafter referred to as CASL. and to inform outside parties of where and how they may unsubscribe to any electronic communications from Trans-United Consultants.

Trans-United Consultants endeavours to comply with the rules established by CASL and enforced by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, the Competition Bureau and the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. CASL regulates all commercial electronic messages (CEM) which are messages that include the encouragement of participation in a commercial activity.


The consent of outside parties is necessary in order for Trans-United Consultants to send a CEM. This consent can be express, implied or in some cases, messages are exempt. You can have your email address unsubscribe to our communications at any time by following the process laid out in the electronic message you receive although even if you unsubscribe to receiving CEM from Trans-United Consultants, you may still receive electronic messages which relate to an ongoing business relationship or which are exempt under CASL.

CEM sent must include certain prescribed content per CASL requirements. The CEM must clearly identify Trans-United Consultants as the party sending the CEM, provide a method where the recipient can contact Trans-United Consultants through a mailing address, a telephone number with voicemail, an email address or a web address in addition to providing an unsubscribe mechanism.

Trans-United Consultants sends a monthly CEM to current or potential business clients. The monthly CEM known as Personnel Profiles summarizes the education, experience and minimum salary level of available technical personnel. It is a free, value added service available only to existing and potential clientele of Trans-United Consultants.

If you have received a CEM from Trans-United Consultants and you believe that you should not have, Trans-United Consultants may infer your implied consent if:

  • Trans-United Consultants has a business relationship with you or has a former business relationship with you which terminated less than two years ago.
  • Trans-United Consultants received an inquiry from you within the last 6 months.
  • You disclosed your electronic address to a Trans-United Consultants employee through a business or you published your electronic address via a corporate website or it is freely available via the Internet and the CEM sent is in connection with business services applicable to your role within your industry.
  • The CEM was sent by Trans-United Consultants in order to respond to your request or inquiry.

When is an electronic message exempt under CASL?

If you are receiving electronic communications from Trans-United Consultants, it may be a message that is exempt under CASL. This would be the case if the message is one the following:

  • You have a personal relationship with the Trans-United Consultants employee who contacted you, meaning that you have previously had a direct, voluntary, two-way communication.
  • Fufill our Clients' requests for information about job candidates.
  • You have a family relationship with the Trans-United Consultants employee who contacted you.
  • The CEM is sent between Trans-United Consultants and another business, where there is an ongoing relationship between Trans-United Consultants and the other business.
  • The CEM was sent by Trans-United Consultants to you, in order to enforce a legal right or obligation, for example, you have an outstanding debt. 

Your consent is not required for certain types of messages sent by Trans-United Consultants although you may still unsubscribe from future transmission of similar messages. The type of messages where Trans-United Consultants does not need your consent include:

  • is sent one time following a referral by a Trans-United Consultants client, service provider, business partner or employee who has a personal or business relationship with you
  • only provides you with a request for placement fee or candidate guarantee information
  • confirms a candidate placement

Candidates and Social Media

Candidates may be contacted by email by a Trans-United Consultants Technical Recruitment Specialist through applying for an advertised job opening on the company website, your job application is received via other Internet job boards that have posted job openings gathered from the company website or through various social media such as LinkedIn. You may be connected on a social network with the Trans-United Consultants Technical Recruiter or if you have indicated through your preference settings you are open to receiving email messages about new career opportunities.

At Trans-United Consultants, you may unsubscribe at any time from receiving CEM, by emailing Julia Moody and we will remove you from our list immediately.

Trans-United Consultants will review and update this Anti-Spam policy as required to keep current with rules and regulations, new technologies, standards, our business practices and outside parties concerns. Trans-United Consultants has designated its CASL Compliance Officer as Rob Fratric. You may contact by telephone: 905-632-7176 x215 or by e-mail: Rob Fratric or write to:

Rob Fratric - CASL Officer
Trans-United Consultants Ltd.
2349 Fairview Street, Suite 210
Burlington, ON L7R 2E3