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Position Procurement Manager
Job Type Permanent
    College Degree, C.P.P, (PMAC) or CMM (CAPICS)
Duties / Responsibilities
    Duties / Responsibilities Purpose and Scope The Procurement Manager will manage all aspects of the supply chain by providing strong leadership, knowledge and vision to the supply chain team. This position is responsible for procurement, sourcing, materials management, warehousing, logistics and inventory control. There will be a strong focus on continuous improvement of the materials movement through various stages of the supply chain process, and establishing key performance indicators and benchmarks to measure actual performance against goals on a regular basis. This position will have a strong customer service focus, ensuring that the internal customer’s needs are met and maintaining excellent vendor relationships. Organization Relationship The Procurement Manager reports to the Chief Operating Officer. Responsibilities
  • Set strategic direction and support staff in the development, implementation and evaluation of all supply chain management processes in support of customer needs and fulfilling business objectives
  • Assess, develop and implement the necessary policies and procedures to be in compliance with changing practices, standards, regulations and laws;
  • Establish a partnership framework through well executed contract management, vendor selection, relationship and performance measuring;
  • Assess, develop, implement and evaluate Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) relative to the supply chain management process;
  • Manage every aspect of the supply chain and notify the senior management team of any possible obstacles to ideal efficiency;
  • Responsible to manage the supply chain team through training, development, goal setting, coaching and feedback;
  • Negotiate with vendors for goods and services ensuring best outcomes to meet business goals;
  • Manage the logistics process by ensuring proper selection and work with 3rd party service providers to be cost competitive and on time delivery;
  • Manage Raw Material Inventory Turns: Recommend, establish and maintain a working inventory system maximizing inventory turns to sales ratio;
  • Responsible to identify and resolve any business issues impeding company goals;
  • Work closely with Accounting Department to ensure alignment with accounts payables function;
  • Other duties as assigned Skills and Qualifications Education
  • College degree with a C.P.P. (PMAC) OR CMM (CAPICS);
  • Certified Purchaser Designation (CPP or PMAC);
  • 5 to 7 years experience in a manufacturing environment leading a supply chain department;
  • Skills
  • Excellent leadership skills including building teams, leading projects and developing staff;
  • Complete in-depth knowledge of supply chain strategies, including total delivery cost, profitability, inventory turns and service levels; Excellent communication skills (with peers, staff and customer);
  • Ability to develop rapport with all clients to support the business objectives;
  • Required to be a change agent and to adapt and implement change within the organization;
  • Strong problem-solving, negotiation and analytical skills;
  • Excellent working knowledge of MS Office applications
Location Kingston area
Pay Range 100 to 120 K
Date Posted 2023-05-19
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