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Position Day Shift Supervisor, Heavy Steel Fabrication
Job Type Permanent
    Certified Welding Supervisor, Knowledge of ASME Welding Codes
Duties / Responsibilities
    Job Type Permanent Education Certified Welding Supervisor, Knowledge of Welding Codes Duties / Responsibilities DUTIES: The following description does not limit the extent of involvement in other work not specified; As Day-shift Supervisor, with the following goals or objectives: In co-ordination with Day-shift Production, organize, direct, and supervise day-shift shop activities in the interest of production goals and requirements.
  • In co-ordination with engineering, project management, QA/QC, work to ensure project compliance with all applicable codes of construction, specifications, quality standards. With assistance from the Safety Coordinator, Day-shift Production, and the Joint Health and Safety representative, work to ensure compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and workplace safety standards.
  • By communicating with employees, suppliers, outside vendors, and on-site contractors, ensure project production, quality goals, and safety requirements are understood and acknowledged. Production oriented activities include:
  • Generate day-shift Production assignment sheets, assign employee’s specific production tasks, provide instruction, and report on status of completion on a daily basis. (Consider job classification, qualification, skill/ability in the assignment of tasks)
  • Prioritize project needs and consider shop manpower and equipment resources to maintain workflow and avoid bottlenecks.
  • Check manpower availability, and schedule overtime as required. Issue and maintain safety permits, lock-out or remove from use equipment that is damaged or unsafe, and requisition maintenance, repair, or replacement of equipment as required.
  • Monitor, evaluate, develop, and train production personnel based on skills/abilities, performance/workmanship, product knowledge, safety and fabrication practices, team work/co-operation.
  • Recognize, report, record, and carry out disciplinary warnings/measures for employee or contractor violations of government legislation, or workplace standards, in regard of safety, attendance, timekeeping, workmanship, etc.
  • Take part in training as assigned, or required by the employer in regard of government legislation, workplace standards, safety, first aid, etc.
  • Generate inter-shop work instructions (sketches, dimensional requirements) for materials and parts going to forming or machining. Generate project & inter-shop shipping paperwork, and assist in co-ordination of shipping Inform management of production issues (equipment failures/shortfalls, non-conforming product, workmanship/quality issues)
  • Verify / track incoming material receipt against project BOMs (Verify receipt, flag /track missing items)
  • Review project drawings / BOMs to determine fabrication /test/shipping material requirements. (Gaskets, studs, covers, bracing, crates, saddles, etc)
  • May participate in project schedule creation, perform weekly review of ongoing project work against schedules, and provide status update for Project Management. Assist with the scheduling, co-ordination, and organization of 3rd party (sublet) contractors for project related work Review, collect, organize, and distribute project specific data (WPS, customer specifications, procedures)
  • Tracking project materials and sublet work, outline priorities and work to reduce negative impact to project schedules
  • Check, distribute, and requisition the purchase or replacement of project and shop supplies. (weld electrodes, gases, consumables, tools, machinery, PPE’s, safety equipment and other supplies, etc.) Operate of cranes, forklifts, and other shop equipment, as able, to: organize, prepare, load or unload materials or equipment in the shop or yard. QC oriented activities may include:
  • Assist with co-ordination/requisition of NDE (1st party & 3rd party MT, PT, VT, RT, UT) Assist with / performs physical dimensional checks
Location Oakville
Pay Range 75 K to 85 K
Date Posted 2023-03-26
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