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Position Physics Engineer / Technical Client servicing.
Job Type Permanent
    University Degree in Health Physics and Radiation
Duties / Responsibilities
    A premier custom radiation shielding solutions company serving the nuclear power, nuclear medicine, diagnostic imaging and non-destructive testing industries. As part of our Health Physics Engineering team you will work with our customers to comprehend their shielding challenges and work with our team of experts to present customized shielding solutions from our vast array of lead, tungsten, bismuth, borated polyethylene, high density concrete block and other custom shielding material and product options. Experience in dose calculations using Microshield, shielding verification reports, shielding materials, prior radiation shielding assessment and design, project management, industry involvement and excellent communication skills would be a key to success in this position. A professional engineering accreditation would be an asset. Competitive salary, benefits, RRSP and bonus plan.
Location Burlington
Pay Range 70 to 80 K
Date Posted 2018-07-13
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