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Working With You


The way you dress on a first, second or third interview is very important since your appearance assists greatly in your overall evaluation by the company representative who interviews you. Follow these recommendations to maximize your potential to be hired.

  • Have your hair cut and styled in a fashion that portrays a business appearance. For men, this includes your beard and moustache.
  • Hands clean & fingernails cut. For women, nail polish should be neutral or clear.
  • Shower and apply deodorant before the interview. Do not apply excessive cologne, perfume or wear excessive jewellery.
  • Teeth brushed and breath fresh.
  • A business suit is a good choice to wear for men or women choosing colours such as grey, tan, navy blue or black. Men can also wear a sports jacket, tie and slacks.
  • Shoes shined and shoe colour matching any belt you wear. For women, shoes should be low heeled, the colour of your business suit with a closed toe.
  • Socks or pantyhose to match business suit colour.
  • Bring your briefcase or executive binder.