Trans-United Consultants Ltd.

Working With You



Plan to arrive ten minutes early but not so early as to end up sitting in the reception area for 30 minutes.


You are being assessed from the moment you walk through the company's doors. Be enthusiastic and friendly to everyone you meet. Relax, smile and offer a firm handshake to your interviewer. 

Wait to be invited to sit down and when you do, be sure to sit up straight. During the interview do not fidget.

Should you be interviewed by a hiring committee, direct your eyes to everyone returning to the company representative who asked the question. 

Listen attentively to each question and answer honestly. Do not interrupt until the company representative has completed asking the question. You can practice this procedure at home with a family member. Keep your answers concise and on subject.
If you do not understand or hear the question, ask the interviewer to clarify or repeat asking the question. Do not be afraid this "will make you look bad", rather consider that the answer to a misunderstood question can portray you in a negative manner.
Your attitude is very important in the selection process. Answer questions in a positive, enthusiastic and optimistic manner. Demonstrate your flexibility and capabililty in your answers. Remember, to speak clearly.

To conclude, thank the Company Representative for their time with a firm handshake and smile. If you are interested in the position, let he / she know that you are excited about the prospect of working for the company.



Research the company via the Internet, library or through friends / colleagues.


 Confirm the interview time, the company's address and where to park. Use Mapquest which is available on the Internet to determine driving directions and time to arrive. 

Bring two copies of the resume or more if the interview is by committee as submitted to the company as well as a pen and notepad. 
If requested, bring original degrees, diplomas, certifications, licenses or transcripts to the interview. 

The interview is a two way process. The company is interviewing you but you are also evaluating the company. The company representatives want to determine if you are the best candidate for the position and you want to know if the company and position are a suitable match for your career path. To ensure you have enough information to evaluate the position, prepare a list of questions and consider asking the following questions, if applicable, to the position:

  • Is training provided? What are the details?

  • Will relocation be provided?

  • Is daily or occasional travel from the workplace required?

  • Is there a supplementary health and insurance plan with family coverage?

  • Are there monthly or yearly production bonuses?

  • What are the company benefits relating to vacation time and statutory holidays?

  • At the end of the interview ask if the company has a timeframe to choose a candidate and will you be notified if a second interview is required?


How you non verbally support what you say during the interview is as important as what your answers are to interview questions.


Establish and maintain eye contact with your interviewer.


Maintain correct posture occasionally leaning forward to emphasize a point or statement.


Use reasonable body gestures to also emphasize a response without being overly dramatic.

Practice being interviewed in the mirror or with family / friends.


After you arrive home, note what you feel were the interviewer's major areas of interest during your interview. Recap your capability in these areas of interest and use prior experience as an example of yur experience.

The next day, email a "thank-you" note to the Company Representative ensuring you double check your spelling and grammar before sending the note. Also, ensure you have the correct spelling of the interviewer('s) name(s) and correct job titles. Insert the information from point 1. above in the body of the letter.


This is a subject that can sabotage the best interview very quickly. Your Trans-United Consultant will advise you of the salary range and benefits during the pre screening process to determine if the career opportunity is of interest to you. If you are asked what your desired salary is by the interviewer quote the range that the Trans-United Consultant has told you indicating you are open to any reasonable offer that matches your education and experience or coincides with the company's current salary levels. Otherwise, if the subject is not mentioned by the interviewer, let the Trans-United Consultant handle this issue on your behalf.