Trans-United Consultants Ltd.

Working With You


1.Why should this company hire you?

Review your "fit" for the position emphasizing your technical skills and attitude based on your understanding of the company's needs. List your recent job accomplishments or accomplishments in the community and volunteer activities within the last 5 years. If possible, state your accomplishments in terms of facts such as increased profits by 10% and lowered costs by 12%.

2.Why do you want to work at this company?

Outline specific job duties and / or responsibilities you find interesting or challenging.

3. What do you know about this company?

Use this question to show you are prepared and "have done your research." Use the internet, the library, year end reports and trade publications to gather information regarding products, services, plant size, locations, sales, reputation, mission statement, management style and corporate history.

4. Is this position a level below your previous position?

On the contrary, it is a challenge and opportunity to progress within their company.

5. What skills do you bring to this position?

Detail special skills, industry training, certifications, licenses, courses, seminars or work / life experience that are relevant to the position. Highlight your leadership skills and verbal and written communication skills.

6. Why are you looking for a new position?

The answer here depends on the situation but could range from plant closing, plant restructuring, plant downsizing, plant relocating to job instability. Do not detail personality conflicts or job dissatisfaction such as a lack of promotion or recognition that a prospective employer may fear you would continue to complain about if they hired you. Emphasize positive aspects such you work with a great group of people; however, you would prefer to work with the hiring company for long term growth.

7. Describe your ideal job.

Basically describe the position you are applying for outlining job responsibilities and duties, your desire for a good supplementary health and insurance plan, job stability, pension plan (if applicable) and your desire to work with a successful company.

8. What are your strong points and weak points?

Detail three (more or less) relating the points to the vacant position. Highlight the positive when stating your weak points, such as, "I work until the job is done even if that means late nights or weekends."

9. Tell me about yourself.

Relate your response to the company and job opening such as your employee loyalty, dedication to a job well done and personal interests such as reading technical journals, personal fitness, community involvement or volunteer work.

10. Describe your personality.

Highlight your positive attributes relating to the position using descriptors such as efficient, cooperative, collaborative, careful, communicative, time aware, polite, able to handle stress or other words / phrases that describe your personality.

11. Why are you not working?

If your job search has taken three months or longer outline the reasons why you have not been working as well as pointing out you have been working on a non related position to keep busy and / or for income, renovated your home, updated or extended your education relating to your job. In some careers, the job market could just be very slow and you have been affected accordingly.

12. Why have you had so many jobs?

Be prepared with answers that are reasonable. Many employers hire on a contract basis and you need to point out the jobs that were on contract. Other reasons could range from market downturn or lay-off, big order cancellation or the commute was just too far on a daily basis.

13. What are your goals?

Relate your answer in terms of working with one company, increasing your worth as an employee, job satisfaction, meeting company targets and being a good parent. You view these goals on a short and long term basis.

14. What has been your best achievement and biggest failure to date?

Be ready with a job related examples using dates and details. Do not use personal failures as examples.

15. How well do you handle job pressure relating to deadlines, production targets, overtime or timelines?

Outline your ability to work safely and efficiently within a time and target program while communicating any significant issues in a collaborative manner.