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Working With You


  • As a general rule, only resign your current position when you have accepted and confirmed a written offer for a new position with your new employer.
  • Submit your resignation in writing with the proper notice which is usually two weeks but could be longer or shorter depending upon the circumstances. In the resignation, indicate you are grateful for the opportunity you have had to work with the employer and that you wish the company success and prosperity. Always try to depart on an amicable basis. 
  • Deliver the notice of resignation to your immediate supervisor personally. If you are asked why you are leaving by your supervisor or co-workers, answer by stating you are pursuing a new growth opportunity. Do not discuss any reasons that are negative towards the company or co-workers. Keep this information to yourself. 
  • Work with the employer to train your replacement or prepare a status report of the projects you have been working on to update a future replacement for your position.


Sometimes a current employer suddenly recognizes the worth of a departing employee by making a counter offer to a tendered resignation. Counter offers can be tempting but consider the following: 

  • Statistically, employees who accept counter offers often end up leaving their employer within a calendar year of accepting the counter offer.